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Snoring Aids

Several surgical techniques reduce snoring, but only up to 50%. Surgery is costly.

There are several snoring aids which are non-surgical that are available in the market to provide relief to the snorer and allow both the snorer and his or her family to achieve a good night sleep. [Non Surgical Snoring Remedies]

Stop snoring aids:

Snoring pillow:

A person usually snores when the upper airway is obstructed. When a person sleeps, the muscles relax and cause obstruction in the airway. Persons sleeping on their backs tend to snore than those who sleep on their sides.

Snoring pillow, one of the snoring aids, helps in freeing your airway by making you to sleep on your sides. Snoring pillow does not allow you to sleep on your back.

While using a snoring pillow, you have to position your head in an elevated position to give good support for your neck and spine.

Persons also snore by sleeping on their sides. There are snoring pillow available that can help these persons achieve a comfortable and favorable position with jaws in a forward position during their sleep and prevent them from snoring.

Snoring spray:

People who have blockage due to swelling of nasal passages or increased mucous, a nasal snoring spray provide temporary relief. Snoring spray, one of the snoring aids, lubricates throat tissues to minimize vibrations and control the snoring sound. The snoring spray can be used while traveling also.

Ear plug for snoring:

Due to the snoring condition of the person, bed partner also suffers from the sounds. This sound disturbs the quality sleep of bed partner. The bed partners use ear plugs to keep themselves asleep. Ear plugs, one of the snoring aids, stops the sounds that disturbs the sleep.

Snoring chin strap:

Snoring chin strap, one of the snoring aids, is designed to help you stop snoring. It is a light weight device that helps keep your mouth closed while you are sleeping by supporting your jaw comfortably.

Snoring chin straps can help to improve breathing through the nose and put an end to snoring. It also helps to keep the mouth shut and helps in going a long way in stopping a person from snoring.

Dental appliances:

Dental appliances or mandibular advancements splints, one of the snoring aids, have been effective for many snorers including those suffering from sleep apnea.

The dental appliances are small plastic devices worn in the mouth during sleep to prevent the soft throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing the airway. Some devices help to stop the tongue from falling back over your windpipe.

Snore ball:

Snore balls, one of the snoring aids, are devices that the snorer can put on their back while sleeping. When people move to sleep on their back and open their mouth while they sleep and emit loud snoring, the snore ball gives a wake up call of discomfort.

Nasal strips:

Nasal strips, one of the snoring aids, are used to widen the nasal valve and open up the airway to the throat and lungs. These are made of plastic, adhere to the nose and are worn throughout the night. Nasal strips can help promote better airflow and gives a restful sleep.


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