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Stop Snoring With Anti Snoring Devices

The average snorer often reaches a point where their snoring becomes more of a problem and is not any longer something they are able to look away from.

At this point it may be time to try a few alternatives with a difference.

Perhaps that something different could be a non-surgical, non-lifestyle altering snoring device. Sleeping on the side is one of the small changes that affect how much snoring occurs during the night. The problem that comes up is what to do when you roll over in your sleep.

Snore Ball

A very easy device to use, invented in the early nineteen hundreds, with some advancements made since then, is the snore ball. This simple anti snoring device consists of a number of balls placed in a pouch.

This is then attached to the back of the snorer’s pajamas. The snorer begins the night on his side, in this way starting off in the quieter position, but invariably sometime during the night tries to turn over on his back.

That’s where the snore ball comes into play. Wearing it the snorer cannot possibly roll over on their backs. The anti snoring device usually wakes them up briefly to turn back to their sides and once again drift into a quiet sleep.

You can buy these or easily make one yourself. Depending on your preference you can use something small like a golf ball or larger like a tennis or baseball. Sew them into a cloth pouch and use large safety pins to attach them at night before going to sleep. This alternative snoring treatment is inexpensive, non-invasive and easy to use.

Nasal Strips

Another low cost alternative are nasal strips. These are used to widen the nasal passages and increase airflow, as well as opening the air passageway down the throat. The strips are made of plastic and stick on the outside of the nose for the whole night. They are non-prescription and non-medicated. Interestingly athletes often wear these when playing sports as it gives them better breathing effectiveness.

Throat Sprays

Throat sprays have been tried with some success. The only negative here is that if they are used too much they begin to irate rather than soothe. This would encourage snoring. Therefore the amount used must reflect exactly the instructions that come on the package. The purpose of the throat spray is to lubricate the back of the throat and so lessen the vibrations that cause snoring.

Sleep Position Monitor

A similar alternative snoring treatment is the sleep position monitor. This is not unlike the snore ball, in that it will alert the snorer to the fact that they are trying to turn over on their backs.

The problem is it will likely disturb the person in bed beside them as well since it will emit a loud beeping sound to tell the snorer to correct their position. The hope with this and the snore ball is that eventually sleeping on their side will become habit and eventually neither device will be needed anymore.

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