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Stop Snoring Remedy

If you have a snoring problem, it is significant for you to take action to stop the situation before it worsens into a more serious matter.

While snoring is often laughed off as a silly sound our body makes, nothing could be further from the truth.

Cause Of Snoring

It is basically gasping for air when your body is snoring. Snoring is caused by a lack of air flow through your airway. The actual sound of snoring is the resonation of your throat and your soft palate rubbing off of each other to try to inhale.

Stop Snoring Remedy Step

There are some simple stop snoring remedy steps to making sure that your snoring condition is a temporary one.

Keep In Shape

Obese people often have fat deposits in their neck and throat that can cause the airway to be constricted. This aspect could be a large part of it if you are overweight and have a snoring problem.

No Alcohol Consumption

Keep your alcohol consumption early in the evening. Alcohol does many of the same things anti-histamines do to your throat, relaxing the muscles and causing them to block air flow.

If you have your last drink at least 4 hours before you go to bed, your body should have enough time to process the alcohol in time for some sound sleep. In addition, you should avoid taking sleeping pills, as they are known to relax throat muscles as well.

Sleep On Your Side

Many people only snore when they are sleeping on their backs, and they can stop the problem by merely laying sideways in bed. This can be attained by putting a tennis ball in a sock and pinning the sock to the back of your pajama pants.

That way, when you roll onto your back in your sleep, the tennis ball will cause sufficient discomfort for you to roll onto your side.

Nasal Decongestant

Use a nasal decongestant in the evening as opposed to anti-histamine, when suffering from allergies. Allergies themselves can cause snoring, as they often trigger nasal congestion, blocking your body from inhaling through the nose.

However, anti-histamines relax throat muscles to relieve allergic symptoms, and relaxed throat muscles can result in reduced air flow.

Other Stop Snoring Remedy Techniques

If the above stop snoring remedy techniques don’t reduce your snoring condition, then there are certain over-the-counter remedies that may help you. There are pillows for sale that offer neck support that is conducive to proper airway alignment.

Nasal strips can help those whose problem principally lies with nasal congestion. They are simple strips that you stick across the bridge of your nose to help open your nostrils and make more room for air. Throat sprays offer lubrication for your uvula and throat, eliminating some of the resonance that occurs when you sleep.

Unfortunately, not all snoring problems can be solved by home remedies or over the counter devices. Sometimes, surgery is essential, when an individual has too large of adenoids or tonsils, or too big of a uvula.

Always consult with a trusted doctor and get a second opinion before you decide on any measures as drastic as surgery. There are many different snoring treatments out there and it is significant to choose the right one.

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