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Snoring Remedy – The Natural Way

A person who snores, or has to share a bed with a snorer will know just how devastating this situation can be.

Night after night of disturbed sleep can produce physical and emotional health problems, putting intolerable stresses and strains on relationships.

Some people are habitual snorers, others are irregular snorers affected only when they have a temporary health problem such as a cold. The snorer is spoilt for choice when looking for a solution to his or her snoring problem because of the size of the market for snoring remedy methods.

Types Of Snoring Remedy Methods

There are sprays and decoctions all designed to soothe any irritation in the airways, thereby keeping them open for the silent passage of air.

There are postural devices designed to hold the snorer in a sleeping position that is less likely to encourage snoring. There are mechanical devices designed to keep airways open.

Snoring Remedy - Prescription Drugs

Rarely drugs are offered to cure the primary health condition that is often at the root of snoring. Even though there are no drugs available to cure the condition of snoring itself.

As we live in an age when people are gradually more exploring alternative health options, it will come as no surprise to discover that many are declining the use of allopathi c medicines in favor of more natural remedies, including supplements.

The first consideration before trying any alternative snoring remedy if you are already taking any form of prescription medication, whether it is for a snoring related condition or something entirely different is to seek medical advice.

A number of drugs are known to interact unfavorably with herbs and oils and therefore it is necessary to check.

One of the benefits of alternative and natural snoring remedy techniques is that they tend to treat the person in a holistic manner often treating basic conditions rather than just trying to reduce snoring symptoms.

Snoring itself is not a health condition but it is a symptom of a number of health disorders and it is vital that the primary condition is identified and treated.

Herbal Snoring Remedy

There are also herbal remedies available that work to clear the airways, allowing the unrestricted passage of air. Herbal remedies are also indicated to clear mucous and congestion in the sinuses.

Snoring Remedy - Homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment works on the basis of treating the person and not the disease or condition. For this reason, it is hard to predict which homeopathic remedies might be offered to alleviate snoring – it will depend on what the homeopath determines is the underlying personality-type causing the condition.


Aromatherapy is indicated for snoring remedy but as the nature of some of the essential oils can be toxic to the body, it is best to consult with a qualified aroma therapist.

Blends of oils may be made available as a massage lotion for the neck and throat or as a gargle to soothe inflamed airways. Some of the stronger essential oils can be used in a steam bath to encourage the expulsion of mucous, thereby clearing the airways.

Snoring Remedy - Reflexology

Reflexology can be used very effectively to stimulate organs, especially in the elimination process. For this reason it is very good for clearing congestion if this is thought to be at the root of the snoring problem.

The natural snoring remedy methods (Prevent Snoring Naturally) can be just as efficient as anything else in curing snoring. However, it is important that anyone who snores is checked by their doctor to make sure that the snoring is not a sign of a more serious underlying health condition.

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