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Causes Of Snoring - Milk Mucous

Even though snoring is the result of noise of air trying to go through a restricted airway and that is the common cause of snoring for every snorer.

The cause of the obstruction can vary from individual to individual and because of this different snoring cures have different rates of success with different people.

Dairy products, in specific cow’s milk, are known to be very mucous forming and can be at the root of many respiratory troubles. Therefore it is good for a constant snorer to eliminate dairy products from their diet to see if their situation improves.

How Does Milk Mucous Results In Snoring

As a result of intolerance to milk and dairy products, when excess mucous is being produced, this has to go somewhere. Sparing you the graphic details you will understand that you will sneeze and blow your nose at regular intervals when you are awake to clear the build up of mucous.

But at night, when you are sleeping, the mucous builds up and blocks your airways, which causes you to snore.

How many of us after a little snack of cheese and biscuits or a glass of hot milk or some form of milky drink, go to bed? Nevertheless, everyone knows that milk is good for health?

Well, it is true that milk does contain a number of nutrients but all of these can be obtained from other sources and should be obtained elsewhere if the ingestion of milk is causing an allergic reaction.

Elimination Diets

If you are a constant snorer and your doctor has ruled out any underlying medical situation that might be causing you to snore. Then consider eliminating dairy products from your diet for a month to see if the situation improves.

Elimination diets are very safe provided you are sensible. It is best to seek medical advice if you are in any doubt, but basically you just need to make sure that you still get the nutrients you need from substitute sources.

You can have rice and soya in place of dairy products. Nut milks are also available but it is better to avoid those initially as nuts are also known to cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive.

Food Dairy

It is helpful to keep a food diary to monitor your responses when you try elimination diets to test for sensitivities. You can try introducing foods back into you diet after a month of elimination, one at a time, to see if the snoring returns or goes back to previous levels.

Naturally, it is very hard to self monitor for snoring! If possible can ask your willing partner to score you on a scale of 1 -10 where 1 = little or no snoring and 10 = unbearable levels of snoring.

You can try using one of the little voice-activated recording devices to record your snoring when you are asleep in order that you can make a self assessment in the morning if you have no willing partner.

While bearing in mind the need to obtain all necessary nutrients from your food, it is worth eliminating milk and dairy products from your diet to see if your snoring improves.

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