Stop Snoring | Changes To Be Done To A Snorers Diet

Stop Snoring – Changes To Be Done To Your Diet

Diet is relatively easy one of the many things that you can try to stop snoring.

Diet can have several different applications in its benefits to not only a person’s wellbeing but also their noise levels when sleeping.


To begin with if you are overweight, you should revamp your daily consumptions of calories and work hard on a diet that will lose you that extra weight. Lose weight and you’ll likely lose the snore. A man needs only to be twenty percent overweight to have a nightly snoring problem.

There are other diet adjustments that you still may want to consider, if being overweight is not your problem. Certain foods are known to worsen the chance of your snoring while others have gotten reputations for stop snoring.

Foods That Trigger Snoring

Do you ever notice that when you eat certain foods during the day you snore worse that night? If you suspect this you should try keeping a diary to track your eating habits.

Note what you ate, how you slept and what the snoring was like. Find correlation between food and snoring, if it is not the case, you know that is not one of the factors you need to deal with.

But, cut out those foods to see how you nightly snoring is affected, if you find it worked the other way and certain nights you snore worse when certain foods have been consumed.

Another simple rule to help lower the nightly frequency is not to have a big meal or one that is too rich or fatty later in the evening.

Milk And Milk Byproducts

Although it is easy to say watch what you eat, in this case it might in fact be of benefit. Studies have shown that milk and milk byproducts could be a culprit in the fight against sleepless nights.

Diary products in fact are a big problem, particularly before bedtime, because the milk increases the amount of mucous a person makes and so this sits in the throat constricting the airway. That warm glass of milk that you are so found of just before falling asleep is in fact doing you more harm than good.

Even eating cheese before bed can have a similar effect. To test if this is increasing your nightly snoring stop eating all dairy products for a couple of weeks. This was definitely one of your triggers, if you notice a drop in your nightly snoring output.

You have two alternatives, if that is the case. You can stop using diary products all together and begin using cow’s milk alternatives, such as soya milk, or you can just keep your use to early in the day.

Set yourself up a rule that you won’t have milk products after your midday meal. This may not completely eliminate the problem but should still be an improvement. But, be careful when making any dietary changes. Ensure that not only are you eliminating snoring triggers but that you are still eating healthy.

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