Snoring Relief Tips | Tips For Snoring Relief

Snoring Relief Tips

You may want to stop snoring out of consideration for your partner or other household members.

You may want to stop snoring because you wake yourself up with the noise you make.

As snoring in itself is not a medical condition there will be little your doctor can do to help so you must help yourself. So, here are some tips for snoring relief.

Snoring Relief For Overweight

When overweight is carried, mainly around the neck and throat, airways become blocked and snoring occurs. You can perhaps envision the weight of this additional piece of fatty tissue pressing down on your airway causing restriction and snoring if you sleep on your back and have a double chin.

Snoring Relief For Sleeping Position

It is proven fact that sleeping on your back makes the snoring and the noise caused much, much worse. Sleeping on your side or front will help you to reduce the snoring.

You cannot rely on your partner digging you in the ribs to remind you to turn over – even though they almost definitely will – so it is significant to investigate methods that you can put into practice to make certain you stay off your back whilst sleeping.

There are many special stop snoring pillows available on the market that discourage back-sleeping and encourage side-sleeping. You may want to try one of these to see if it helps you to maintain an best possible sleeping position.

A very old fashioned snoring relief that is efficient but possibly a little uncomfortable is to affix something into the back of your nightwear that will dig into your back if you roll over in your sleep. The discomfort will encourage you to roll back on to your side. Appropriate objects might be a small, hard ball or a walnut.

Snoring Relief For Food and Drink

It is well known that alcohol results in snoring. Alcohol has a relaxant effect on muscles and tissues just collapses the airways even further and it is the breath attempting to pass through these collapsed airways that creates the noise of snoring.

One key snoring relief method is to avoid alcohol in the evening.

The mucous membranes that line the airways can become very readily inflamed once again blocking the passage of air and causing the characteristic noise of snoring. Mucous membranes can become inflamed through contact with allergens.

Known allergens in food are nuts, dairy products and wheat. By cutting out suspect foods and tracing any allergies you can improve and reduce your snoring levels.

There are of course many other health reasons for losing weight but if none of those appeal perhaps you can find the willpower required simply to make sure that you and your loved ones get a good night's sleep.

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