Snoring Facts | Facts About Snoring In Women

Facts About Snoring Problem In Women

Okay girls its time to face a few snoring facts.

Although we all know that our partners make those nighttime melodies that sound like train wrecks and keep us awake we also know that some women snore too.

As a matter of fact by age thirty five percent of the fairer sex snore, but by the time we reach sixty its nearing to forty percent.

The reasons for this is that as we slide through our forties and approach our fifties there are many changes occurring including losing tone and retaining a little more fat then we like to admit.

A woman can suffer a constriction of the airway from a partial collapse and this of course will cause her to snore, if the airway becomes flabby.

Estrogen Levels

As women age and their hormones do battle with their bodies, a low estrogen level can be blamed for the onset of snoring. These estrogen changes can occur because of a hysterectomy or the onset of menopause.

It is believed by physicians that the reason for this change has to do with the higher estrogen levels normally stimulating the muscles and keeping them from relaxing.

Short And Heavier Women

Most female snorers are woman who tend to be shorter and heavier then their non-snoring counterparts. While men need be only twenty percent overweight to become snorers a woman must be thirty to forty percent over her ideal weight for the same result.

This is because women have a large airway and a smaller uvula. Studies have shown that even when women do snore they are not nearly as loud as their male counterparts.

Hormonal Changes

Now overall snoring is no more of a problem than you or your partner makes it out to be. If it’s just age or weight or even hormone changes you don’t have to worry about it.

As a matter of fact because you’re a woman you are more prone to go out and find some snore cure to eliminate, or at least lessen the problem. For you it’s not a vanity problem or a difficulty recognizing that something can be done.

Many of the triggers that cause men to snore have the affect on woman. The following are some tips to stop snoring:

  • Overweight? Lose some of it.
  • If you smoke, stop.
  • If you drink, stop.
  • No big meals close to bedtime, no milk products just before you go off to sleep, and yes, that includes that warm milk you enjoy so much.
  • You must work on closing your mouth when you go to sleep and breathing though your nose, if you’re a mouth breather. An open mouth is an invitation to snore.
  • If you take sleeping pills or tranquilizers you should realize they make you snore by relaxing the throat muscles too much.
  • A change of position will also help. Instead of sleeping on your back, try rolling onto your side. This can make a significant difference.
  • If none of these works enough to satisfy you then try one of the nasal devices that are proving to be quite successful.

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