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Stop Snoring: Understand It First

By Allen Williams

Stop snoring or sleep on the sofa, at a friend's house, in another city!

Okay, it may not be that bad, but it certainly could be.

If you love your partner, help him to stop snoring

Do you suffer sleepless nights because your partner is snoring? Do you wish he would stop snoring? It may help you if you realize that snoring is not a disease by itself. Yes, it is annoying actually, even uncomfortable. Snoring is uncomfortable for you and even to the snorer. Stop snoring knowledge may help both of you find a restful sleep. Let me help you by enumerating to you some of the reasons why people snore. This may also help you ensure your partner can stop snoring and avoid ill-health effects resulting from habitual snoring.

A common cause of snoring is obstruction in the airway passage. If your partner is over-weight, the fat deposits in his neck may cause snoring. If his weight returns to normal and the problem is just that fat obstructing his air passage, then he will stop snoring.

Another common reason people snore is if they sleep on their back, blocking their windpipe may cause turbulent flow of air that create the annoying noise. Ask your partner to change his position; this may also help stop snoring. Before we continue, it may also help to realize that, 45% of normal adults snore at least occasionally. Moreover, twenty-five percent are habitual snorers. You just have to realize if he is getting to be a habitual snorer, then you need to ensure he can stop snoring to avoid ill-health that may be the cause of even more snoring.

Additionally, if by your conscious effort of ensuring your partner does not lie on his back and keeps his body weight at a reasonable, acceptable level as determined by age, height, and weight, he still snores, you may want to visit a doctor to assess his situation. You need to see a doctor especially when sleep disorder problems start to manifest. If your partner does not have restful sleep, like he twists and turns in the bed, as a result he wakes up tired and with a headache. He starts getting irritable and nervous. It is also important to note that cardiovascular problems may develop among snorers, thus the need to help him stop snoring immediately. At worst, snorers with sleep apnea may experience falling asleep even while eating or driving.

For severe snorers who develop sleep apnea, they may experience stoppage in breathing anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. Serious cases of sleep apnea repeat episodes more than 10 times in one night; this may result in serious health problems because sleep apnea is depriving the snorer's body of much-needed oxygen, and much-needed uninterrupted sleep and rest. As a result, there are cases of people who die of heart attack or even stroke during sleep.

If you can help your partner stop snoring as soon as possible, he may be able to avoid experiencing cardiovascular problems. Cardiovascular or cerebrovascular deaths have claimed the lives of Americans to the tune of 30,000 to 40,000 per year only as a secondary effect of obstructive sleep apnea. Help your partner or yourself avoid this by a conscious, informed effort to stop snoring.

There are medical procedures that sleep disorder doctors may perform to help you stop snoring and combat its ill-health effects, however, you need to help him by ensuring you avoid what may cause your to snore.

Regular exercise is often enough to do the trick in helping to keep your normal body weight. Sleeping on your side may help you as well. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and avoiding alcoholic drinks before going to bed may be the best way to stop snoring.

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Allen Williams is a professional educator, writer, speaker, and publisher. To find out how you can stop your snoring problem in as little as 50 minutes visit now. You, and your partner, will be glad you did.

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