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The Trouble With Snoring And Sleep Apnea

By James Hunt

There's no doubt that snoring becomes a real problem when someone else is around to hear it. However, snorers may face a more serious issue than an upset partner and a night on the couch. Snoring can be indicative of a problem that deprives many people of sleep: sleep apnea.

Snoring is caused by an array of things. Dental problems can cause the noisy affliction. And sometimes a cold or other respiratory problem causes raspy noises to emerge from the sleeper. However, there is a condition known as sleep apnea that causes snoring.

The main difference with snoring due to sleep apnea is that the snoring is the result of noises made as the brain arouses the sleeper to continue breathing. Yes, continue breathing. Sleep apnea is a condition where the sleep actually stops breathing for one reason or another.

Sleep apnea results in poor and fragmented sleep. While the person suffering from the condition may not realize he or she is waking, the body knows, and the quality and amount of necessary REM sleep is diminished.

While occasional snoring is something everyone's partner has to deal with, it is important to have constant and persistent snoring checked out by a health care professional. As with most snoring-related conditions, sleep apnea is treatable. Creating a plan with help from a qualified professional can stop the snoring and help reduced blood pressure, fatigue, headaches and memory problems that result from inadequate sleep.

It is important to remember that the trouble with snoring is not, in fact the trouble. Snoring is always one of the symptoms of another problem. The problem may be a cold or it may be related to some dental or other cosmetic issue. Or it might be sleep apnea. In any case, the causes of persistent snoring should be found and treated.

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