Snoring Effects On Your Spouse | Spousal Arousal Syndrome

Snoring Effects On Your Spouse

Snoring is an annoying problem that can really make your nights dreary.

One thing that many people don’t know, however, is precisely how much disturbance their snoring may be causing for their spouse.

Spousal Arousal Syndrome

It is a known fact that bedmates of a snorer due to the fact that their spouse’s snoring is not conducive to proper sleeping patterns generally lose around one hour of sleep per evening.

Known as spousal arousal syndrome, this ignored facet of snoring can cause the bedmate to wake up as many as 21 times per hour, damaging their night’s rest in an irreparable way.

This can result in day time exhaustion, causing a host of troubles from restlessness to trouble paying attention on simple tasks. As a side effect of the lack of proper sleep, the affected person often has poor performance at work and may feel irritable, ill, or unable to think well.

Snoring Effects The Relationship

Snoring can affect the happiness of a relationship, not to mention the sex life. According to a recent survey, as much as 80% of snoring couples sleep apart. Snoring can be a bigger problem than you’d think.

Snoring Remedies

It is significant to take action, when snoring begins to affect the livelihood of your relationship. Here are a couple guidelines to addressing the issue, if your spouse’s snoring is giving you troubles:

Discuss With Your Spouse

First off, its most significant to discuss the issue with your spouse. There’s no way it can ever be solved if you do not have a solid line of communication about the problem. Let your spouse know about the problems that spousal arousal syndrome can cause.

Examine The Causes Of Snoring

Next, you should examine the causes of snoring, and see if any of them could be reasons for your spouse’s problem. Consumption of alcohol, excess weight, sleeping on your back, and medications such as anti-histamines or sleeping pills are the common causes of snoring.

Correct Diagnosis

Read up on all the causes of snoring, so that you can accurately diagnose the problem that your spouse is facing. For most of the causes of snoring, there are efficient methods of stop snoring.

For example, try putting a regular tennis ball into a sock, and pinning it to the back of their pajamas, if your spouse has trouble with snoring only when they are sleeping on their back. This will make it uncomfortable for your spouse to sleep on their back, forcing them to sleep on their side or on their chest, fixing the problem.

If you can’t seem to pin down the cause of your spouse’s snoring is having these nightly problems, it is significant to check with a health care professional about the possibility of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a breathing problem which can cause many more problems than a standard snoring problem, and needs to be addressed.

Snoring is a curable problem that just needs some attention to be remedied. Overall, make sure that your spouse understands that you respect them and that you need to get over this trouble for the common good of the two of you.

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