Effects Of Snoring On Your Family | Spousal Arousal Syndrome

Effects Snoring On Your Family

Snoring affects your family in many ways that you may be unknown of.

While snoring can be a problem that affects your health personally, few know about the trauma it can cause to their bedmate.


Also, few know that heredity can help to determine whether or not a person snores! These associations can be of interest to families, and should be studied and discussed.

The medical journal CHEST in April of 2006 featured a study by some researchers at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center relating to family history and their snoring habits.

The results showed that those children of parents, who snore, are three times as possible to snore themselves. In further detail, the study also found that snoring in these children was often connected with the presence of an allergic sensitization, a condition also known as Atopy.

The study engaged 681 children that were an average age of 12. The study found that children with at least one parent who snored more than three times a week were also three times more likely to snore themselves.

Children With Atopy

The study found that children with Atopy were two times more likely to snore at least three times per week then children who tested negative for allergic sensitization.

This is a vital study to take note of as children who are regular snorers can often exhibit cognitive deficits, behavioral problems, and metabolic as well as cardiovascular problems.

American Academy of Pediatrics has taken so seriously, that it has recommended every child be tested for obstructive sleep disordered breathing.

Racial Effects Of Snoring

In addition to the findings concerning heredity and snoring, some associations were made in the study about racial effects on snoring. For example it was found that African American children were found much more probable to have problems with snoring.

Snoring Remedy Methods

Even though snoring may be an inheritable condition, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do. There are many methods to fix the snoring problem, and they relate to the various reasons for which you may snore.

The first step is to figure out exactly what is making you snore. Lifestyle changes, health, or oral appliances can be helpful to solving your problem.

Spousal Arousal Syndrome

There are some very serious consequences as far as your snoring affecting life with your bed mate. People with heavy snoring patterns can cause their partner to lose as much as 1 full hour of sleep per evening, while waking them up as many as 21 times an hour.

This sleep disturbance can cause some very serious troubles with attention and irritability. Known as spousal arousal syndrome, this matter is a reason to work towards snoring remedy, if not for yourself.

According to a recent survey, 80% of snoring couples sleep apart. This demonstrates that snoring can have numerous negative effects on your relationship, particularly your sex life.

If your spouse is a snorer, it is significant that you address the problem so that the two of you can face it head-on, eradicating the need for such drastic moves as sleeping separately.

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