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End Snoring By Singing

A new technique is having unexpected success with snorers!

Although there are many different approaches to end snoring, not all of them work for everyone.

Sometimes the last resort is the surgical methods to end snoring.

Research On Singing Exercises To End Snoring

Before turning to those snoring surgery methods there is a new possibility worth trying. In 1999 a research group in the United Kingdom tried to see if singing exercises could be used to strengthen the palate, make it less flabby and so less likely to vibrate and cause snoring.

To begin with the study found twenty people who snored nightly. These subjects were recorded for seven straight nights to see how much and how loud their snoring was. This was also done at the end of the trial period.

The recorders were voice activated so they only recorded the nightly snore fest. Then the subjects were given lessons in singing. They were taught singing and voice exercises. These exercises were to be done a mere twenty minutes each day over a period of three months.

To encourage the subject to do these daily the researchers made calls or dropped into to check on progress. They were thrilled at the results. The people who did the exercises by the assigned routines, and who were not overweight definitely made improvements.

Interestingly the woman who wound up running this study was a drama therapist who had come to these same conclusions about singing exercises after helping a snoring friend try to improve his faltering relationships because of problems with very loud nightly snoring.

When he gave her an example of the racket he made at night, her expertise as a choir director told her that his palate sounded like it needed some exercise.

Singing For Snorers CDs

After the university study and its subsequent success this same woman began a process of designing an exercise program that could be done at a person’s home on their own time. It took her two years after which she had put together a total do-it-yourself program on three CDs that are designed to exercise the soft palate and throat areas.

The program centers on exercises that strengthen these muscles and is called Singing for Snorers. Although these singing exercises for snorers are having some good achievement they are not for everyone.

Those who are most likely to have a good outcome from this method are those who began to snore later in life, are not overweight and do not have physical nasal or throat blockages; in other words they don’t have any polyps or throat issues like tonsil difficulties.

The CDs are available through the Internet for approximately sixty-five dollars American. If they work that is not a lot of money to help someone put the quiet back into their nights.

But if you decide to use this system you must be committed to daily doing exercise. Still, if you want to avoid wearing appliances at night and you are serious about putting an end to your snoring this seems an alternative worth experimenting with.

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