Child Snoring | Causes Of Infant Snoring

Child Snoring

It’s bad enough that your husband snores up a storm at night, now you’ve come to understand so does your child.

In passing you mention it to your health provider who tells you that snoring children are a concern and there are things that must be looked into. With a child it’s not just a noise it may actually be a message of problems to come.

Causes Of Child Snoring – Snoring Parents

First, if one parent is a snorer there is three times the chance of having a child who will also snore. Kids who were shown to suffer from atopy, which is a predisposition to allergies and asthma, are twice as likely to snore as children who have not.

Tests have shown that children who snore may be more at risk for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other health related problems.

These same studies have concluded, through testing large numbers of young children, that African American children are three times as likely to snore than their Caucasian, Asian or Biracial counterparts.

Sleep Disorders

Your physician must determine if the child suffers from other related issues since snoring in young children can be a sign of more worrying problems. With kids it can be a sign of a sleep disorder, one that can have long-term effects.

Although seeming unrelated, sleep disorders in children can mean they are at risk of learning disabilities, behavioral problems, or cardiovascular concerns. Early intervention can make a big difference to the education and wellbeing of your child.

Shape Of The Head Can Also Be A Cause Of Child Snoring

There are other reasons to look at the can be the source of child snoring. Studies have shown that the shape of a person’s head will affect the snoring mechanism. People, including children, with round heads are more likely to snore than those with long thin ones.


Excess weight and snoring go hand in hand. Even an overweight child can have that problem. Being overweight expands the size of the neck, increasing the amount of fatty tissue in the throat. It is this tissue that vibrates and so causes the noise.


Other causes of snoring in children include inhaling too much enlarged tonsils or adenoids or nasal obstructions, second hand smoke. Some children only snore when they are ill. A cold, which itself will constrict the nasal passages, may make a non-snoring child snore, but only until their bout with the common cold is over.

Sleep Disruptions

One other concern for the snoring child is the sleep disruption that this causes. If your child is school age the lack of sleep can be detrimental to school performance and that is a serious concern.

It is therefore recommended that you find out the cause of your child’s snoring, either by taking them to your health care provider or by trying by yourself to associate the occurrences that seem to cause the snoring.

Remember these can be allergy or illness related, weight or lifestyle related. Either way eliminating things that are harmful may be all your child needs for an enhanced sleep with no nighttime snoring to disturb them or you.

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