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You can take is snoring surgery as last option if snoring has become a big problem for you and none of the stop snoring alternatives appeal to you or none have worked for you.

Before considering this move, and remember that any kind of snoring surgery is a big step, you should know that snoring surgery is not always successful and even if it is the healing time or side effects may far outweigh the outcome.

There are several different types of snoring surgery that may control or stop snoring. These are the most common ones.


LAUP, Laser Assisted Uvuloplasty, uses a laser to remove any tissue that may be obstructing the airway as well as taking out the uvula. The tonsils are not removed during this procedure.

This operation does not have a very good success rate. It is particularly not recommended for anyone who uses their voice to make their living, as one of the side effects can be a change to the patient’s voice. Other side effects can by dry mouth and ear pain. There is also the concern that this operation can inadvertently hide other problems.


UPPP, which stands for Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, is an operation that will expand the airway and so should put an end to snoring. The drawbacks are that this expensive surgery could be required a second time if the blockage returns.

There are also concerns that this type of surgery has an elevated danger of potential hemorrhaging, post-surgical infection and swallowing problems. That are even concerns that this procedure could cause speech defects.


On top of that there is a lot of pain that follows this snoring surgery. Tracheostomy, this surgery makes an opening in the trachea. It has several drawbacks to it. For one thing it requires follow-up surgery and it can very irritating to the tissue as well as have the potential to leave scarring.


CAPSO, Cautery-assisted palatal stiffening operation, does pretty much what the initials stand for. This procedure burns the palate and that results in it becoming stiffer which makes it more difficult for it to vibrate.

Unfortunately, just like the others it has a host of potential problems with it. This particular surgery is still in the experimental stage and has not been proven effective. It is very expensive and the doctors have trouble predicting the chances for a successful outcome.

So, if snoring surgery were what you thought would solve all your snoring problems perhaps it would be better to look to alternatives instead. There just seem to be more questions regarding the surgical option than answers.

One of the reasons for this is that although all the surgical procedures are aiming to do more or less the same thing, increase airflow, not all people snore for the same reason. Maybe its better to take another look at non-surgical methods.

They are many different things that can be tried, some as simple as diet or position changes. While others may be as drastic as lifestyle changes. Either choice is a safer alternative.

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