Sleep Apnea | Time To Seek Medical Attention For Sleep Apnea

When Is The Time To Seek Medical Attention For Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious medical problem and should never be brushed aside as being nothing more than an annoyance.

Approximately there are over twelve to eighteen million sleep apnea sufferers in USA . This works out to be approximately four percent of men and two percent of women, most of whom are middle aged and overweight.

Sleep apnea affects children as well but is less rare than it is in adults. It is believed that sleep apnea is almost as widespread across the nation as is other serious diseases such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

Obstructive sleep apnea comes about as a result of repeated episodes of airway blockage during sleep. Men and women who are considered to be what is known as the “diagnostic criteria for Obstructive sleep apnea” means that they have on average ten bouts of sleep apnea occurrences in the course of one hour’s time.

You should get in touch with your physician right away if either you or your spouse or sleeping partner experiences loud, habitual snoring followed by excessive sleepiness during the day coupled with a lack of concentration and memory.

If you make note of the alarming fact that your spouse experiences cessation of breathing during the night or other sleep apnea symptoms such as gasping or choking then it is time to schedule a visit to the doctor’s office.

If you have the frequent tendency to fall asleep throughout the day and/or at improper periods of time, for instance while you are working, eating or even driving then the situation is serious enough to warrant medical attention. The latter can prove deadly for yourself and others.

Sleep Apnea In Children

Since sleep apnea can occur in children as well it is significant to pay attention to your child’s sleeping habits. Does he or she have a problem with breathing throughout the night?

Does he wake up many times in the night and feel tired during the day? Does he snore or sleep less than soundly? If yes then your child may very likely be suffering from sleep apnea and medical intervention is necessary.

Sometimes what is known as “watchful waiting” is required. What this means is that you play a game of “wait-and-see.” If for whatever reason your sleep apnea symptoms improve on their own then that’s good news and nothing further is needed.

However if your symptoms get worse you will need to seek out your doctor and he or she can help map out the best sleep apnea treatment. If you snore then watchful waiting might be exactly what you need particularly if you don’t find yourself extremely tired or drowsy throughout the daytime.


Snoring is not always a sign of sleep apnea as snoring sometimes exists on its own. Immediate medical intervention as opposed to watchful waiting is what the doctor ordered if you snore regularly and heavily, if you experience restless bouts throughout the night, if you stop breathing during intervals throughout the night and if you find yourself feeling unrefreshed when you wake and groggy during the workday.

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