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Sleep Apnea Self Help Remedies

Many sleep apnea sufferers after being diagnosed with sleep apnea wonder if there are any ways that they can help themselves health wise in regards to their condition.

While there is presently no cure for sleep apnea there are ways to help decrease the incidence and severity of symptoms.

It is wise though to first sit down and talk with your doctor or healthcare provider to learn everything about your condition and to discuss sleep apnea treatment methods. Ask your doctor what are the best sleep apnea treatment.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to follow your doctor’s instructions and to use these suggestions in conjunction with the prescribed sleep apnea treatment, whether it be CPAP, sleep apnea surgery, etc.

Many individuals consider these “self-help remedies” to be lifestyle changes. Be aware that these changes can also improve other medical conditions and are beneficial in improving an individual’s overall health and well being.

Lose Weight

Weight is one significant aspect that makes a difference in sleep apnea. Lose weight, if you are overweight or obsess. Even losing a few pounds can make a difference in sleep apnea symptoms.

An excessive amount of weight on the body can make sleep apnea worse in two different ways. First of all those who are overweight tend to have thicker necks and more fatty tissue in their neck area. Too much fat in this area can block the airway and make collapse more likely.

The other contributing factor is too much weight in the abdominal area makes it more likely for the muscles that control breathing to work inadequately. Breathing muscles that don’t work to their optimum best can make breathing during nighttime sleep extremely more difficult.

Some people find it a struggle to lose weight and prefer to attempt to lose weight or go on a special weight loss plan after they have commenced their sleep apnea treatment. This is perfectly fine. The significant thing is to lose excess weight if it is required. If you are of a normal weight then you have nothing to worry about in this area.


When you suffer allergies, throat infections or colds these can all cause narrowed airway passages and congestion in the sinuses and nose. The viruses and bacteria that cause these health problems can make sleep apnea worse.

As well medication taken for these conditions can encourage sleep apnea episodes. Speak to your doctor before taking meds for any condition that could potentially bother your breathing.

Quit Smoking

Smoking makes sleep apnea a great deal worse as it contributes to a “decreased lung capacity.” As well smoking causes throat muscles to relax extremely thereby making it probable for the airway to become blocked. Many people believe that nicotine patches are one of the best ways to help quit smoking.

No Alcohol

Alcohol consumption should be decreased in general and should never be consumed three to four hours before bedtime. Drinking alcohol serves to depress the reflexes of breathing and by so doing, causes a case of sleep apnea to get worse.

Besides alcohol, it is a wise to avoid sleeping pills, tranquilizers and other medications, prescription or otherwise, that can interfere in any way with normal breathing patterns.


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