Bed Wetting Tips | Steps to Stop Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting Tips

Bed wetting Tips:

  • Make your child urinate before going to bed.
  • Tell your child to wake you up whenever there is an urgency to urinate.
  • Have old cloths, towels or rags reserved.
  • Let the child wear disposable or absorbent pants to bed.
  • Keep a record of dry and wet nights.
  • Avoid the fluid intake before 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Do not blame or punish the child for wetting the bed. But be supportive and encouraging to your child
  • Avoid giving foods or soft drinks which contain caffeine as they cause more urine production

How Parents can help?

Do . . 

  • Educate yourself. Read as much as you can on bed wetting. The more you know the more comfortable you will feel with the situation.
  • Reward your child if they are not wetting the bed consistently.
  • Remain calm and control the frustration if your child wets the bed.
  • Be supportive as your child perhaps experiencing a great deal of embarrassment and self-ridicule during this time. It will help restore confidence to your child that you still love him or her.
  • Help the child feel protected. Offer thick underwear and/or pajamas for nighttime wear.
  • Share your experience as you will also probably feel a lot better after sharing your experience with your child.

Don't . . .

  • Don’t punish as it damages the child's self-image and adds to the stress of bed wetting which in turn may cause more bed wetting.
  • Don’t criticize as shame plays a major role in bed wetting it is important not to add to the shame that already exists. Always react in a positive manner and so will your child.
  • Don’t place Blame. Remember this is no one's fault -- not your child's and not yours. (Other Bed Wetting Managing Techniques)


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