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Bed Wetting Alarm

The most effective treatment for bed wetting is bed wetting alarm. It is used in training bed wetters to properly respond to a full bladder while asleep.

Children who wet the bed need to get up during the night to urinate. Bed wetting alarm, which is activated by moisture, helps your child to awaken in time to go to bathroom.

Bed wetting solution:

Bed wetting alarm is a bed wetting solution. Bed wetting alarm is a plastic device with two parts: audible alarm and urine or moisture sensors.

The moisture sensor should be connected to the pajamas of bed wetting child or adult before going to sleep. The audible alarm should be placed close to child, usually strapped on the arm. The child or the adult goes to sleep.

The bed wetter begins to wet their pants later in the night. The moisture sensor detects the urine immediately and the alarm sets off. The person wakes up by the noise of the alarm and responds by discontinuing urine flow so they can finish emptying their bladder in the bathroom.

You can gradually see the wet spots and more dry nights. If the bed wetter responds correctly to the bed wetting alarm regularly, the bed wetter will be able to stay dry on their own and they no longer depend on the bed wetting alarm.

For the alarm to be effective, someone else must wake up your child, take him to the bathroom and get him to finish urinating in the toilet.

Instructions to the child about bed wetting alarm:

  • You should instruct your child that this is your alarm and you should use it to cure bed wetting. Remember that the main purpose of alarm is to help him get up during night and use the bathroom. You should explain to your child that alarm will not work unless you listen it carefully and get up as soon as you hear it.
  • You should tell your child that as soon as he hears the bedwetting alarm sound, he should wake up and close the valve to the bladder to stop urinating and immediately he should go to bathroom.
  • After emptying the bladder, put dry pajamas and underwear and reconnect the alarm. Put a try towel over the wet spot on your bed. Tell your child to get up before the alarm buzzes the next time

Responsibility of the parent:

  • When you hear the alarm, go to your child’s room as quickly as you can. Wake up your child and ask him to go to toilet.
  • Once your child wakes up, remind him to turn off the alarm. You should not turn off the alarm. Your child has to learn to carry out this process by himself.
  • Make sure that your child wakes up completely and walks into the bathroom before you leave him.
  • Have clean sheets and pajamas ready by the bed.

A bed wetting alarm works even for deep sleeping people. Children wet the bed because they are unable to get up as they will be in deep sleep. In some cases, children do not wake up from deep sleep with bed wetting alarm sound.

Parents should help them in the beginning. Bed wetting alarms are safe with low battery current and anyone ever being injured by a bed wetting alarm.


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