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Bed Wetting Cure

A small number of children who wet the bed do not respond to any bed wetting cure. Fortunately, as each year passes, bed wetting will decrease as the child's body matures.

By the teen years almost all children will have out-grown the problem. Only one in 100 adults is troubled by persistent bed wetting. Until your older child outgrows bed wetting, it is important that you give him support and encouragement.

Be sensitive to your child's feelings about bed wetting. For instance, children may not want to spend the night at a friend's house or go to summer camp. They may be embarrassed or scared that their friends will find out they wet the bed.

There are products that parents can buy for school-aged children with enuresis (Bed Wetting Products):

  • Reusable absorbent underpants
  • Sleeping bag liners
  • Moisture alarms that go off when the child begins to wet the bed
  • Disposable absorbent underpants

There is no reason for punishment if your child wets the bed. Your child cannot help it. Talk to your doctor about bed wetting cure options. By following these bed wetting cure tips may help:

  • Do not talk about the bed wetting in front of others
  • Talk to your child about how the bladder works
  • Avoid fluids in the hours before bed
  • Be patient, understanding and attentive

Make sure your child understands that bed wetting is not his fault and that it will get better in time. Do not pressure your child to develop nighttime bladder control before her body is ready to do so

If your child has enuresis, discussing it with your pediatrician can help you to understand it better. Your pediatrician can also reassure you that your child is normal and that he will eventually outgrow bed wetting.


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