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Sleep Apnea Mask

It is believed among sleep specialists that nasal breathing devices are some of the most effective around for treating the sleep apnea symptoms.

While many patients do not enjoy wearing a breathing mask at night, many find it allows them proper rest and relaxation throughout the night and less chance that they will stop breathing many times throughout the night.

Personally molded sleep apnea mask is one such mask that is getting a lot of attention. This sleep apnea mask is designed to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible. Let’s take a closer look.

Advantages Of Personally Molded Sleep Apnea Mask

The personally molded sleep apnea mask is equipped with nostril protrusions that are specifically “molded” to the shape that the patient’s individual nostrils are. This is considered to provide the first “barrier against leakage” in regards to air.

The second “barrier of leakage” would be the sealing rings that go a step further and are designed to fit exactly both openings for the nostrils. The whole nose is also taken into consideration for the design of this special mask and this provides the third barrier against seepage or leakage of air.

Finally there are extra sealing rings put in place that follow the proper line of the cheeks, lips and nose. These are considered to be the fourth and fifth “barriers against leakage.”

This sleep apnea mask is designed to fit a patient’s face as if it were a second skin. Much the way dentures fit a person’s mouth, this mask does not allow for any “air space between the mask and the nose.”

The personally molded mask efficiently keeps the nasal passages clear and open, allowing for the continuous airway pressure (CPAP) to do its job providing the nose with plenty of oxygen.

This sleep apnea mask features over a seventy percent reduction in the noise it makes which helps ensure a quiet and restful sleep for both the sleep apnea patient as well as his or her bed partner.

But there are other advantages to this sleep apnea mask as well. The forehead and cheek sections of the mask help encourage a physical comfort level for the patient as well as aiding in CPAP being as successful as possible.

It does this by way of being designed with a unique ventilated surface. The straps that connect the mask together are very lightweight, and in effect they are virtually featherweight as the sealing power of the mask is what gives it its level of strength.

The original versions of CPAP masks made it essential for patients to sleep on their backs, never having the chance to sleep on their sides if they chose to. The personally molded sleep apnea masks makes it possible for patients to do just that without worry of discomfort or causing the mask to come loose.

The sleep apnea mask is compact enough that it easily lies between the patient’s face and pillow. The mask takes no more than ten seconds per night to assemble for sleep and it takes a mere four to five seconds to take it apart and clean it the following morning.

There is no need to adjust or readjust Velcro straps as the traditional masks necessary. For this reason this sleep apnea mask is likely to have a long life if you treat it well.


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