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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is defined as becoming aware you are dreaming. Lucid is sense of mental clarity.

Lucid dreaming begins in the middle of the dream when the dreamer realizes that the experience is not happening in physical reality, but is a dream.

The realization is triggered by noticing some impossible or unlikely happening in the dream by the dreamer.

Without noticing any particular clue in the dream, sometimes people become lucid and they just suddenly realize that they are in dream. If lucid dreaming is minor, it results in returning to the REM sleep directly from an awakening with unbroken reflective consciousness.

When the lucidity is high, you will be aware that everything experienced in the dream is occurring in your mind and there is no danger. You feel that you are sleeping in bed and will awaken shortly.

When lucidity is low, you will be aware up to certain extent that you are dreaming. But, you will not realize that there is no harm to you and you are actually in bed.

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming:

Lucidity is not equal to dream control. You can have little control over dream content by being lucid and conversely you can have great deal of control without being aware that you are dreaming. You can consciously control the course of events be becoming lucid in a dream.

Dreamers choose to do something permitted only by extraordinary freedom of dream state once they are in a lucid state. You have the choice always of how much control you want to apply. When you became lucid, you can continue with whatever you are doing with added knowledge that you are dreaming.

You can also change the dream and the characters in the dream. But, you cannot change always the objects.

Learn lucid dreaming:

In lucid dreaming, you have the chance of controlling your dreams with a high level of awareness. In the beginning, you may not apply that much control.

Your own belief and confidence is important in controlling your dreams. If there is lack of confidence, you may fail to control them. If you think that you cannot do something about the dream, it is likely that you cannot control the dream.

You can control your own behavior instead of changing the dream. If you can control the dream, it will be beneficial during nightmares. You can change your own attitude rather than changing the dream. When you realize that it is only a dream and there is no damage to you, you can relieve from fear which is the part of the nightmare.

Once you change your attitude in such a manner, it usually transforms your nightmare into peaceful dream. The attempt to have lucid dreaming is one of many reasons for defeating nightmares.

As lucid dreams are exciting and pleasurable, people worry that they become addicted and continue with them. There is a biological obstacle to living in lucid dreaming because you have limited amount of REM sleep. Lucid dreaming should become inspiration for how to act and improve in reality.

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