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Nocturnal Emission

Nocturnal emission is an involuntary ejaculation of semen that occurs during sleep.

It is also called as wet dream or an orgasm during sleep.

The discharge of semen during sleep usually occurs as a result of erotic dreams.   

This is an embarrassing subject and can leave one feel that they are abnormal, but nocturnal emissions are common.

According to the studies, 83% of men at some point experience nocturnal emission. When a young man experiences nocturnal emission, he will be shocked. If the person is unaware of the normal sexual process, he will be bewildered at what is happening to him.

Sometimes, it is hard to find out what exactly caused the involuntary orgasm. Sometimes, the person wakes up once the orgasm has occurred but in other instances, the person sleeps through it.

The topic is very personal making it hard to bring the matter to health care professional. Men should know that it is common and they should feel comfortable enough to discuss about it.

Men experience nocturnal emission when they each puberty, but some do not experience it until later in life. Some men do not have erotic dreams until their late teens and some do not have it at all.

Frequency of nocturnal emissions:

Frequency is highly variable from person to person. Some men experience large numbers of emissions as teenagers, while some men have never experienced one. Factors such as masturbation frequency, diet and age seem to have little baring on how often a man will experience an emission.

During puberty, 13 percent of males experience their first ejaculation as a result of nocturnal emission. The frequency range of 15 year old males experiencing nocturnal emissions is 12 times per week while for 40 year old male, it is 0.18 times per week. The range for married males is 0.23 per week.

During sleep, your body enters rapid eye movement or REM sleep, which lasts from few minutes to a half hour. During these REM periods, men experience several erections and women experience vaginal lubrication.

If a dream during REM sleep is very arousing, the sensation of an erect penis pressed against a mattress can lead to erotic dreaming and ejaculation in men.

People who have nocturnal emission have to change the sheets frequently. They get annoyed and want to prevent wet dreams.

Nocturnal emission remedies:

There are several remedies that suggest that they can eliminate or reduce nocturnal emission. However, none of these remedies can be backed up with any sort of medical proof that they will cure or lessen the condition. None of these remedies are approved by food drug administration.

As there is no harm caused by the event, it is generally considered inadvisable to undergo any sort of treatment except in cases of severe psychological trauma. This is common and nothing to be concerned about.

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