Causes of Sleep Paralysis | Common Sleep Paralysis Causes | Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis

Causes of Sleep Paralysis

Causes of sleep Paralysis can be broadly divided on the types of sleep paralysis.

Common Sleep Paralysis Causes:

The Common Sleep Paralysis for most people, happens, during R.E.M. state, when the body releases hormones that paralyze the body to keep it from acting out dreams, thereby reducing any chances of physical harm during sleep.

These hormones usually wear off before the dream ends and the person will then wake up with full use of all body functions. For someone who suffers from Sleep Paralysis, the body’s hormones are still actively restraining the motor functions and muscle groups of the body.

So the person wakes up to find that he/she is temporarily paralyzed and does not know why. The Common Sleep Paralysis usually only lasts from few seconds to a minute or two in total, though sometimes it can go a little longer.

Hallucinatory (hypnagogic) sleep paralysis Causes:

The Hag/Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis is experienced when ‘hypnogogic’ (inability to perform voluntary movements during sleep) hallucinations are present. During these times, a person will feel as if someone is in the room with them – usually a fearful presence or an evil. (Hypnagogic Hallucinations)

Some go further and feel as though someone or something is actually sitting on them and they feel like they are going to suffocate or die. Experiencing this can cause a person much anxiety and fear, but there is no physical harm involved.

The Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis is different from Common Sleep Paralysis because it can last up to 8 minutes long. People who tend to sleep on their backs can also experience sleep paralysis.


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