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Bruxism Treatment

Bruxism treatment varies depending on the cause. There are different types of treatments available. The treatment should prevent in damaging your teeth and jaws.

Consult your doctor before starting any treatment. You should go for regular dental check up and find any unusual wear or damage on the teeth.

You will not be aware of the disease. Take the help of your bed partner to find whether you grind your teeth while sleeping.

If the cause of bruxism is due to irregular alignment of teeth, correct your teeth. Consult your dentist and take help in correcting and aligning the teeth.

Your teeth may be broken, enamel may be lost or tooth surface may be flattened or tooth may be loosened. If your teeth had already damaged, then take the treatment for the damaged teeth and jaws to avoid further damage. According to the damage caused to your teeth, your doctor may treat your teeth fillings or replacing the teeth.

The main cause of bruxism in adults and children is stress. You or your child should undergo stress management therapy to avoid bruxism. By this therapy, the bruxism symptoms can be reduced. The stress management therapy helps in relieving stress caused by daily problems, work tensions, tensions at home and problems with children.

If your child has bruxism due to stress, it may be due to problems in school, anxiety about marks or exams. The stress management also helps the children to relieve from the stress caused due marks, exams and homework.

You may grind your teeth due to stress, tension and anxiety. Hypnotherapy is the treatment which helps the person to relieve from bruxism. The treatment involves relaxation exercises which can relax you from anxiety and tension.

Your doctor may suggest a mouth guard to treat bruxism. A mouth guard or night guard helps in preventing damage to the teeth. If bruxism occurs during night time, you can wear a night guard or mouth guard in between the top and bottom teeth. As night guard is a rubber like device, if you clench or grind the teeth, it will not affect your teeth.

Night guard cannot cure bruxism but it prevents in damaging your teeth and jaws and it prevents in further grinding your teeth.

Night guards are available in all the stores, but you consult a dentist as the night guard you purchase directly from the store may not fit into your mouth. Your doctor takes the impression of the teeth and that impression can be sent to the dental lab where night guard can be made which fits into your mouth.

You can use medications if your doctor prescribes them. He may prescribe medications for muscle relaxing, sleeping or bruxism injections if bruxism is severe. But these medications may not be that much effective. You should not use medications directly without approaching the doctor because some of the medications may have side effects.


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