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Power Nap

Power nap is also called as short nap or catnap usually between 10 to 30 minutes long taken in the middle of the day in order to give energy for the next part of the day.

Power naps are not same as regular naps, so you won’t feel groggy if you take one.

This type of sleep pattern is associated with polyphasic sleep, but it is used to supplement normal sleep, especially when you have sleep deficit.

If you take power naps regularly, you will be having good idea what duration works for you. Some people take power nap out of necessity. It means, they must be not having enough sleep and will be drowsy at work, so they take a power nap at work place. Some people take power nap even if they have enough sleep at night.

Some people take power naps in car, bed or a couch. The important point here is that the place may be anywhere which the person should be comfortable in taking power nap.

Power nap is not a real sleep, but you allow your mind to unload some of the headaches that are disturbing your mind and refresh you. Power nap is of short duration and prevents you from entering into slow wave sleep.


When you are in need to stretch, yawn or sigh, when you feel emotionally vulnerable, when your mind is wandering, when your concentration is weakened and when you make errors in speech, writing or typing, you should consider power nap.

Power nap advantages:

  • It enhances your relationships both personally and professionally by allowing you to concentrate on a group of people.
  • It enhances your ability to properly act up on the newly received information.
  • The power nap can promote physical well-being, improve mood and memory, sharps senses and revitalize you.
  • With catnap, the neurons in the brain get rest and recover from day’s stress and performance is increased.

Missed power nap consequences:

If you do not take break with catnaps, your ability to read, write, think, listen and speak is impaired. Your immune system becomes suppressed due to uninterrupted increase in levels of stress hormones. You can make mistakes at work and you may have irritation and impatience. You will be making judgment errors despite knowing the result.

Achieving power nap:

  • You should avoid consuming large amounts of caffeine as well as foods that are high in fat and sugar, which interrupts with your ability to fall asleep.
  • Before one or two hours of catnap, eat foods high in protein and calcium, which promote sleep.
  • The catnap place should be darker otherwise wear an eye mask.
  • You can take catnap at a clean and quiet place where there is no disturbance of outside noises and phones sounds.
  • Nap in the morning or just before lunch. Your circadian rhythm make late afternoon a more likely time to fall into deep sleep, which leaves you dazed.
  • Once you are relaxed and prepared for catnap, set your alarm for the desired duration you want to wake up.

You can stay energetic, healthy and productive by a power nap. Be aware when your body needs a power nap and fulfill the requirement.

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