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White Noise Machine

White noise machine is a device that creates a sound and used for blocking unwanted sounds. It is used as a sleep aid.

White noise machine can produce soothing sounds such as wind, rain, and ocean waves.

White nose machine contains all the audible frequencies distributed equally over the range of the frequency band.

White noise machine function:

As white noise machine contains most sound frequencies, it is commonly used to mask other sounds. Simple white noise machine has a basic set up which involves an enclosed fan a speed switch. The fan in the machine drives air through small slots in the machine’s casing and produces desired sound.

You can set the volume of white noise machine initially at comfortable level, even if it does not provide the desired privacy level. Once your ear becomes accustomed to new sound, you can increase the volume gradually to increase privacy.

White noise machine and sleep:

White noise machine blocks the noise that come from motor cycles, horns and trains at nighttime which disturbs your night time sleep. White noise machine between one to three decibels makes the discussion completely unintelligible when someone outside your bedroom talks loudly.

When you are away from home, staying at hotel, you can use this machine as there will be more outside disturbances which disrupt your sleep.

White noise machine is helpful for those with sleep disorders, kids who have trouble falling asleep and people who have difficulty falling asleep when they are under stress.

White noise sound machine:

There are three types of white noise sound machine commonly used: mechanically generated, electronically generated and CD recordings.

The mechanical devices produce a sound almost similar to that of a fan. This is popular because it produces sound which we are familiar with and do not find any unpleasant sound. The drawback of this mechanical device is that the volume is limited. As this is mechanical, it is not possible to turn up the volume.

In electronic device, you can get sounds such as wind, rain or waterfall. In electronic device, the device loops a recorded clip of sound or synthesizes its own sound. Looping means few seconds of sound is digitally recorded and played over and over.

If you listen carefully, you can identify where the segment begins and it will be irritating for some people. The better electronic noise machine is one which synthesizes the sound instead of playing a recording with looping.

CDs are inexpensive which can be used at home for blocking sounds. You can have different sounds in the discs but the common sounds are rain, thunder and nature sounds.

The advantage of the compact discs is low cost with high quality sound. The disadvantage of using CDs as white noise machine is, there will be interruption when tracks are changed and you will often wake up.

You can select any one of the white noise machine to block out the outside noise for improving your quality of sleep. Improving your sleep makes you to work at office and do other functions daily actively.

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