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Periodic Limb Movement Disorder - Self Care

Periodic limb movement disorder symptoms are intensified by the use of caffeine.

Caffeine-containing products such as chocolate, coffee, tea and soft drinks should be avoided.

Also many antidepressants can worsen Periodic limb movement disorder.

Exercise earlier in the day may be one of the best ways to achieve healthy sleep. It should be noted that vigorous exercise and stimulation (including sexual activity) within one to two hours of bedtime might worsen Periodic limb movement disorder.

Periodic limb movement disorder – Self care

  • Regular, moderate exercise, healthful in any case, may help prevent Periodic limb movement disorder. Patients report that either bursts of excessive energy or long sedentary periods worsen Periodic limb movement disorder symptoms.
  • Go to bed only when ready to sleep or for sex.
  • Maintain a regular wake-up time no matter how few hours are spent sleeping.
  • Take a hot bath about an hour and a half to two hours before bedtime. This alters the body's core temperature rhythm and helps people fall asleep more easily and more continuously. (Taking a bath shortly before bed increases alertness.)


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